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A mask for every mood...

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What makes our masks so unique?


First and foremost, we wanted to have a product that delivers on actual facial protection. While not a medical mask, our masks are made with 2 layers of fabric and have an inner pouch for placing an additional replaceable filter.

We also provide 3 activated charcoal filters with each fabric mask bought and also sell them separately for future reference.


For those of us that have had to wear our masks for a period of time, we know the little niggles that can come with it. Our inner layer is 100% cotton lining, allowing a softer touch to the face.

Since we also have adjustable ear strings and 4 different sizes, our face masks will fit most everyone from the smallest, cutest pixie face to the most definitely not-cute largely bearded kinda face.

Easy Use

No more scouring the pharmacies for that last box of masks. High quality, durable and washable, our masks can be used over and over and over and over and over…you get the idea…

We know how important it is to have a mask that is breathable, comfortable, safe and yet can be thrown easily into the wash. 

Make it Yours!

Don't mix your mask with anyone else’s or have it get lost - personalize it for a small additional fee. Have your name, your initials, your nickname, your alter ego, your symbol…we’re good with whatever you want to place there.

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About Us

What does an event company have to do with masks anyway?

As the only event rental and décor company in Dubai that produces premium tablecloths, napkins, cushions and other decorative items, Party Social saw an immediate stop to its business from February 2020. After 5 years of establishing itself as a reputable, professional company in the events space, we had to seriously re-think our future from that point on. After some  strategizing, we decided we had to…PIVOT!

Our business needed to take on new opportunities and leverage our unique skill sets to our advantage. From that point, Mask Moods was born! We used our experience in the production of high quality fabrics and designs, to produce face masks that were up to our expectations. We set to work to make something that we’d be happy to have our kids, husbands and friends wear. That meant checking off a laundry list of deliverables, from fit to design to function. Have a look at our masks and let us know what you think!

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"Never took it off..."

My son loved his kiddie mask with the the truck design.  I had no problem putting it on or keeping it on during our time outside.

Aurea B.

"Great Designs!"

Great designs! I ordered a set of 3 different designs and have used all of them over the past week. Each time I go out, I get asked where I got my mask from.

Sara E.

Perfect for work

I was looking for something that would take me from work to home easily and the striped mask was perfect for everyday wear.

Mark D.