About Us

What does an event company have to do with masks anyway??

As the only event rental and décor company in Dubai that produces tablecloths, napkins, cushions and other decorative items, Party Social saw an immediate stop to its business from February 2020. After 5 years of establishing itself as a reputable, professional company in the events space, we had to seriously re-think our future from that point on. After some thinking and strategizing, we decided we had to…PIVOT!

A pivot (in business):
A significant business/company change – ranging from mild to dramatic. A pivot is usually intended to help a business recover from a tough period, or survive after experiencing new competition or other factors that make the original business model unsustainable..

Our business needed to take on new opportunities and leverage our unique skill sets to our advantage. From that, Mask Moods was born! We used our experience in the production of fabrics and designs, to produce face masks that were up to our expectations. We set to work to make something that we’d be happy to have our kids, husbands and friends to wear. That meant checking off a laundry list of deliverables, have a look and let us know what you think!
Mask Moods is a subsidiary of Party Social GT LLC.